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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Dr Mark Hughes, Founder and Director of mch: positive impact

    • Orientating Yourself with Thinkific

    • How to use this course

  • 3

    The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

    • What Makes a Great Teacher?

    • The Great Teachers of the Celebrities

    • The Commonalities of the Great Teachers

    • The Moment of Truth for Managers and Leaders

    • The Link Between Greatness and Emotional Intelligence

    • Signpost - More Evidence for the Importance of EI - Google's Project Oxygen

    • Test Your Learning - The Importance of EI

  • 4

    A Model for Emotional Intelligence

    • A Model for Emotional Intelligence

    • Your Reflections: Emotional Intelligence and You

    • Signpost - The Model in More Depth and an Update

    • Test Your Learning - A Model for EI

    • Why There's Not a Test for EI in This Course

  • 5

    Developing Emotional Intelligence

    • Mission Possible

    • Developing Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation and Motivation

    • How Was Your Mission?

    • Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

    • Developing Empathy

    • Empathy vs Sympathy - Part I

    • Sympathy vs Empathy - Part II

    • Empathy vs Compassion

    • The Signature Strength of the Socially Skilled

    • Developing Social Skills

    • Listening Top Tips

    • EI in Recruitment, Progression and Organisational Culture - Part I

    • EI in Recruitment, Progression and Organisational Culture - Part II

  • 6

    Development, Engaging Values and Winning

    • What Are You Going to Do?

    • A Plan for Action

    • Congratulations! The End is Nigh!

    • How mch can Help

    • An Opportunity for mch to Financially Support a Cause You Care About

    • The Importance and Impact of Values - mch as a Case Study

    • An Opportunity for You to Support the Value of Equality

    • Link to Equality of Opportunity Funding Site

    • Evaluation - To enable continual improvement, please complete this five minute, ten question evaluation