Why Take this Course

Life can be stressful. Our emotions are the cause of stress.  If you manage and lead, you also have to contend with stresses of others. Since emotions are ‘catching’ there’s also the impact of an individual’s emotions on the whole team or organisation.

This course will help you manage your own emotions better and those of others.  In doing so, you’ll perform better, keep others motivated and develop improved relationships.

The risk of ignoring emotional intelligence has never been greater.   So if you want to avoid losing great people and prevent lapses in performance, this is the course for you.


James Fletcher

Oxford University

The course gave me time and space to understand and explore my leadership. Highly recommend this course.

Gemma Goodman

Fundraising Consultant

‘It has been an eye-opener and has made me consider things and see things in a different light. Great training. Thank you.’

Help a Cause You're Passionate About While Learning

mch wants this course to help the charitable sector in these tough times. To this end, type in the name of the charity you'd like to support in the 'comment' box of the sign-up form. mch will then donate half your course fee to your chosen charity.

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Dr Mark Hughes, Founder and Director of mch: positive impact

    • Orientating Yourself with Thinkific

    • How to use this course

  • 3

    The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

    • What Makes a Great Teacher?

    • The Great Teachers of the Celebrities

    • The Commonalities of the Great Teachers

    • The Moment of Truth for Managers and Leaders

    • The Link Between Greatness and Emotional Intelligence

    • Signpost - More Evidence for the Importance of EI - Google's Project Oxygen

    • Test Your Learning - The Importance of EI

  • 4

    A Model for Emotional Intelligence

    • A Model for Emotional Intelligence

    • Your Reflections: Emotional Intelligence and You

    • Signpost - The Model in More Depth and an Update

    • Test Your Learning - A Model for EI

    • Why There's Not a Test for EI in This Course

  • 5

    Developing Emotional Intelligence

    • Mission Possible

    • Developing Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation and Motivation

    • How Was Your Mission?

    • Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

    • Developing Empathy

    • Empathy vs Sympathy - Part I

    • Sympathy vs Empathy - Part II

    • Empathy vs Compassion

    • The Signature Strength of the Socially Skilled

    • Developing Social Skills

    • Listening Top Tips

    • EI in Recruitment, Progression and Organisational Culture - Part I

    • EI in Recruitment, Progression and Organisational Culture - Part II

  • 6

    Development, Engaging Values and Winning

    • What Are You Going to Do?

    • A Plan for Action

    • Congratulations! The End is Nigh!

    • How mch can Help

    • An Opportunity for mch to Financially Support a Cause You Care About

    • The Importance and Impact of Values - mch as a Case Study

    • An Opportunity for You to Support the Value of Equality

    • Link to Equality of Opportunity Funding Site

    • Evaluation - To enable continual improvement, please complete this five minute, ten question evaluation